<b>What is Laser Dentistry?</b>
Lasers have been used in medical practices for years, and they are quickly becoming a go-to option for dentists worldwide. Laser technology allows us to cut away soft and hard surfaces within the mouth so that scalpels and drills are not required. They can be used for everything from treating tooth decay to improving the look of a gummy smile. Lasers are less invasive than drills and scalpels, and anesthesia may not even be necessary for some patients.

<b>Why would Laser Dentistry be needed?</b>
There are many ways for lasers to be used in the dental field. They are safe and highly effective, which is why we trust them in our practice each day. Some of the reasons you’d need laser treatment includes:

• Tooth decay (cavities)
• Gum contouring
• Periodontal disease treatment
• TMJ treatment
• Frenectomies

<b>Who is a good candidate for Laser Dentistry?</b>
Because lasers are safely used in dentistry, most patients are good candidates when coming into the office for treatment. In fact, because many patients will not require anesthesia while the laser is in use, it’s often requested by those coming into our practice. We can perform an examination to determine if you would benefit from laser treatment. Treatment is less invasive and scary for our patients because of the technology behind laser dentistry.

<b>What can you expect with Laser Dentistry?</b>
We will first consult with you and perform an examination to determine if you need any type of dental work done. If you have a cavity, we will use the laser to remove the decay fully and then place the filling. Oftentimes, no anesthetic is needed while the laser is in use, and you won’t feel the vibration and pressure of a drill. For other procedures, the laser is used to cut away hard or soft tissue to help contour the gums or remove diseased gum tissue. Lasers are continually being used in the dental field because of how efficiently they work.

If you would like to learn more about laser dentistry and how it works, call the office today so that we can get you in for an appointment at your earliest convenience.