What is an Alveolectomy?

An alveolectomy is a surgical procedure that removes the alveolar bone surrounding an infected tooth. The procedure will include reshaping this bone to help prepare for subsequent procedures, like implants or a denture fitting. Patients who have infected or severely decayed teeth will benefit the most from a alveolectomy. The procedure helps to prevent future issues with infection and improves the way that prosthetic appliances fit.

Why is an Alveolectomy needed?

You may need to undergo an alveolectomy because you have one or more infected teeth. The surgery is incredibly common among patients who have gum disease and who are having multiple extractions done at the same time. An alveolectomy is often necessary if a tooth cannot be removed fully through an extraction alone. This might be caused by curved roots, a cracked tooth or even one that is too close to underlying nerves.

What Is An Alveolectomy
Why Is An Alveolectomy Needed

Who is a candidate for an Alveolectomy?

Our doctors will review your medical and health history. We will take special dental x-rays that give us a clear view of the tooth and how to go about removing it. You are a good candidate for the procedure if you need an extraction and will be getting a denture or an implant shortly after the tooth is removed. The alveolectomy aims to help prevent complications with the subsequent treatment.

What happens during an Alveolectomy?

Before the surgery, our doctors will administer a local or general anesthetic. Next, an incision is made through the gums so that we have access to the underlying alveolar bone. The tooth is fully removed from this bone. The alveolar bone is then reshaped and smoothed using specialized tools. The gums are sutured to ensure they heal properly. You will be given aftercare instructions and will be ready to come back for treatment using implants or dentures in the future.

If you think you might need or will benefit from an alveolectomy, call us today to schedule a consultation appointment. We offer low wait times, payment plans and amenities, like a beverage and snack bar, to improve your time with us.