Our Practice

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Located in the heart of West McKinney on Eldorado between Ridge and Alma, the family dentist at Tranquility Dental is committed to providing you the best dental care and patient experience you’ve ever had. We are a service-based dental practice. We listen before we speak. We ask questions and consider answers before we plan treatment. We partner with patients in their treatment options the same way we do with our own families.

We are a technologically advanced dental office. Our family dentist utilizes digital x-rays to minimize radiation exposure. We have comfortable dental chairs, a diode laser for better, painfree procedures, noise cancelling headphones, and many, many amenities aimed at increasing patient comfort. We offer sedation dentistry and can perform most procedures, in house.

As total healthcare experts, our staff understands the affects of oral disease on the entire body. Our dental hygienists are gentle and very experienced. Fast and thorough, they remove tartar and calculus to give patients a fresh start. They can place sealants, perform periodontal therapy and can recommend best ways to keep your mouth as clean as possible between professional cleanings.

Our family dentist and dental professionals have a combined 70+ years experience and have all participated extensively in continuing education. They assess patients medical history prior to examination, complete a full diagnostic exam and oral cancer screening and use those findings to partner with patients to come up with the best individualized treatment to meet that patients needs. If treatment is necessary, most can be completed same day. We are fast, thorough, caring and will treat you like we would our own family! All our dental assistants were top of their class and are both comforting and capable.

Our friendly and expert front office staff walks through each and every piece of the treatment, insurance and billing processes with every patient to make sure they are able to utilize all discounts, savings and insurance benefits. Our team is committed to providing you with the personalized experience your family expects.

We are an in network with all major PPO insurances. We offer many discounts and savings options for those who do not have insurance. Come to Tranquility Dental for a Superior Experience. Click below to make an appointment!