Root Amputation/Hemisection

What is a Root Amputation/Hemisection?

A root amputation, which is often known as a hemisection, is the removal of one or more damaged or infected tooth roots. Rather than extract the entire tooth, a root amputation can be done to preserve what is left. While this procedure isn’t as commonly done because of implant technology, it can still be helpful for patients who require it. If one or more roots are infected or diseased in any way, they can be removed and the remaining roots kept in place.

Why is a Root Amputation/Hemisection needed?

There are several reasons for why a root amputation may be needed. The most common involves infections and abscesses that have caused the root to become diseased or damaged. If you’ve recently had some type of facial or oral trauma, one or more of the roots could have cracked or broken. In either case, the root should be removed via a root amputation.

What Is A Root Amputation Hemisection
Why Is A Root Amputationhemisection Needed

Who is a candidate for a Root Amputation/Hemisection?

To determine if you might require this surgery, we will perform an exam and take several different types of x-rays. The x-rays give us a clear view of the roots and whether or not a hemisection is the best choice for you. If you require a root amputation, it is a good idea to have the procedure done as soon as possible. This prevents any subsequent infection that could result in the need to fully extract the tooth.

What happens during a Root Amputation/Hemisection?

The procedure begins with anesthetic that is used to numb the area. We then create a small incision through the gums to gain access to the roots of the teeth. The damaged or infected root is removed. A special filling and packing material is then used to help build up the area where the root was taken out. The gums are then sutured and you will be ready to leave the office. Despite its ominous name, a root amputation is a simple and incredibly effective procedure done on patients of all ages.

If you think you might need or would benefit from root amputation, call us today to learn more from one of our helpful staff members. We have discount plans available as well as low wait times and a full-service snack and beverage bar.