Socket Preservation

What is Socket Preservation?

Socket preservation, more commonly known as a bone graft, is a procedure that aims to replace missing bone in an extraction site. When a tooth is removed, the underlying bone can collapse and even become reabsorbed by the body. This leaves an area of bone loss that can become a problem when having dental implants placed. In order to build up this area, donor or synthetic bone can be placed over the area to essentially preserve the tooth socket.

Why is Socket Preservation needed?

Dental implants are one of the most sought-after ways to replace a missing tooth. In order for implants to work effectively, they need enough solid and healthy bone structure where they are placed. If you have bone loss as a result of missing teeth, this can cause the implants to fail. This is why socket preservation is necessary, and it’s essential for your future oral health and smile.

What Is Socket Preservation
Why Is Socket Preservation Needed

Who is a candidate for Socket Preservation?

Our team of doctors will examine your teeth and take x-rays to determine if bone loss is present. If a tooth has recently been extracted or was extracted a long time ago, there may be some bone loss in the area it was taken out. If you’re planning on having implants placed, we will recommend that you undergo socket preservation surgery. This can help to improve the success rate of the implants themselves.

What can be expected during Socket Preservation?

The procedure begins with an anesthetic or sedative to relax you during treatment. We then make an incision through the gums and place either synthetic or donor bone matter in the area where it is missing. A special growth factor can be used to help this new bone to bond with the surrounding area. The gums are sutured and you’ll be ready to leave the office. You can expect some pain and swelling for the first few days following surgery. Once healed, the area is preserved and you can sit for implant surgery as needed.

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