What are Braces?

Orthodontic treatment using braces can help you to feel confident in your smile. Traditional braces have been the go-to option for patients of all ages for decades. These braces can help to eliminate issues involving crowding, spacing and misalignment. It is never too early or too late for you to consider braces either for yourself or a child.

Why are Braces needed?

You may need braces to help in providing yourself with a full and healthy smile. When your teeth are crowded or crooked, it can be difficult to keep them clean. This results in a damaged and unhealthy smile over time. Braces can help to get rid of problems by using traditional brackets and wires that will work well for you.

What Are Braces
Why Are Braces Needed

Who is a candidate for Braces?

There is no age limit when it comes to treatment using braces. Whether you are a parent who is looking to begin orthodontic treatment for your child or an adult wanting treatment, we are here to provide the work that is needed. Most people who want braces can effectively begin treatment. You should commit to coming in every few weeks during the course of your orthodontic treatment plan.

What happens during treatment with Braces?

Our doctors will begin with a consultation so that we can get to know you. We take impressions, x-rays and perform an exam so that we can create a personalized treatment plan. We then fit metal brackets to the teeth and use a wire to help push and pull the teeth into alignment. You will come back in after a few weeks to have the wiring adjusted during the course of treatment. Treatment with braces can take anywhere from a few months to a couple of years depending on the patient.

If you’d like to come into our office to learn more about braces, call us today to speak with one of our helpful staff members. Our convenient amenities, which include a snack and beverage bar, as well as our low wait times and payment plan options make your time with us enjoyable and care-free.