What is Headgear?

Headgear is often an essential part of undergoing orthodontic care. This strap is placed over the back of the head, with metal wiring attaching to brackets within the mouth. The purpose of headgear is to slow the growth of the jaw and to keep the back teeth where they need to be. Headgear is often necessary for patients who are undergoing extensive orthodontic treatment.

Why would Headgear be needed?

Headgear is needed if the back teeth are continually shifting and need to be kept in one place. Headgear is made to fit comfortably, and it is often only worn at night. This helps to improve the look of the teeth while ensuring that treatment is going according to plan. Headgear may even be helpful when it comes to stopping and slowing the growth of the jaw so that treatment is more successful.

What Is Headgear
Why Would Headgear Be Needed

Who is a candidate for Headgear?

Patients who have severe orthodontic problems are often good candidates for headgear. We will consult with you and take x-rays to determine what type of orthodontic treatment you may need. If you need headgear, we will fit you with a custom device that is comfortable and easy to wear. We then instruct you on when and how to wear this each night, and you’ll be taught how to connect the wiring in front to the brackets in the mouth.

What happens during the Headgear process?

The headgear process begins by attaching brackets to the back teeth. These are often attached to the second molars. You will then have a headgear appliance made just for you. The comfortable strap is pulled over the head. The front of the appliance contains a metal wire arch, with the metal entering the mouth and clipping into these brackets. You may only need to wear headgear for several weeks to a few months, so it is not a long-term or permanent part of your orthodontic care.

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